Sunday, November 24, 2013

It was a very cold day...

After years of almost tepid weather for raceday, the traditional frigid weather returned for the Straight Street Hill Climb. Torture, as you know, is the theme of this race and Mother Nature did her part. How cold? The liquid beverages awaiting the competitors at the top of the hill started to get slushy.

The 2013 edition set a record for the number of pre-registrants (92) and actual particpants (119) for both the running and cycling events.

Results are listed below. Running times are estimated because of the cold weather and sheer number of runners finishing almost at the same time. Some runners were not handed their tickets in the correct order and we could not track how many crossed the line at sub one-second intervals. It's one more thing we need to address next year as this event continues to grow. Apologies to all runners for this mess-up.

A special shout-out to the competitors who participated in multiple, consecutive events today.
Also to Matt Gancedo and Mark Jepson who did all three!

Overall results are first. Breakdowns by age/weight follow that (scroll down) and Biathlon results at the very bottom of this post.

Overall Running Results

 Overall Cycling Results

Running Results  by Division

Cycling Results  by Division

Biathlon Results